Martini is built on passion.

It’s an exquisitely Italian story of a business founded in 1965 by dedicated craftsmen in a small workshop in the furniture district of Verona. We immediately rose above the crowd thanks to our painstaking search for the finest materials and the guarantee of quality through a closely monitored production process. This began with kitchens, expanding ten years later to include modular living rooms and bedrooms. Ours is a complex market, offering a wealth of opportunities.

This specialisation in custom-designed interiors soon earned Martini a leading position in the high-end classical furniture segment. Our flexible production system gives us a unique edge when it comes to supplying the world’s most prestigious homes.

Skill, service, tradition and innovation: Martini is constantly seeking to expand into new areas and this is where the founder’s three daughters come in. The second generation took the company a significant step forward in the direction of internationalisation, and Martini began exporting furnishings all over the world. A further important development took the form of collaboration with international firms specialising in architecture and interior design, which paved the way for increasingly ambitious projects.

Since 2005, the total living concept has become more concrete and tangible than ever, with a continually evolving, expanding product range and new catalogues, continually focused on responding to the tastes of customers who are increasingly attentive, sophisticated and knowledgeable.

Remaining faithful to the principles of bespoke furnishings and customisation, Martini has moved into the residential contract sector. This has made our operations even more versatile, flexible and able to meet furnishing demands of all kinds.