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Indulgent Italian Kitchens: A Celebration of European Elegance and Craftsmanship

Introducing Beth – a luxurious, Made in Italy interpretation of the English style kitchen, crafted by the renowned designer Roberto Conato in collaboration with Martini Interiors. This stunning kitchen boasts European cabinets and embodies the elegance of the European style with exceptional attention to detail, typical of the Italian and Veronese tradition.

Handcrafted with solid wood and completely artisanal, each composition of Beth is created on-site to ensure symmetry and proportion, without adhering to rigid dimensional standards. The main block of this exquisite kitchen features a six-meter linear composition with a sink area, a large dishwasher, and a removable basket for separate waste collection. The centerpiece is a large tailored hood with metal elements and studs, surrounded by showcase wall units that exude luxury.

The island of Beth boasts slatted shelves and an ash wood top, complete with a convenient flap to hide power sockets. The tall unit area features a generously sized pantry and a fridge/freezer, providing ample storage for all your culinary needs. Designed for perfect and rapid cooking, Beth is the ultimate space to enjoy with family and friends while indulging in the opulence of the European style and Italian craftsmanship.

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