European Kitchen Art is a supplier of high quality Italian kitchen cabinets, vanities, interior doors and furniture to the Vancouver market

We have a huge range of kitchen cabinet styles, all imported from Italy. Your options range from classic to traditional to modern. Choose the perfect kitchen cabinet system for your new kitchen. With our selection, there is no need for compromise.

  • Gicinque

    Gicinque offers a variety of clean, modern kitchen cabinet design styles in natural wood and in new, hard-wearing modern materials.

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  • Arrital

    Your kitchen is more than a place for food preparation. It is a space where your daily rituals unfold. The rituals of living and enjoying simple pleasures.

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  • Salvarani

    Salvarani has established itself as one of Europe’s finest kitchen designers and manufacturers. Salvarani’s Long Line kitchen design is featured in a display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

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  • Cucine Composit

    Combining an eclectic mix of materials and finishes, Cucine Composit boldly goes where other kitchen designers fear to tread.

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We import only high-quality Italian kitchen cabinets and home furnishings. Steeped in the age-old Italian tradition of supplying luxury furniture for the nobility of Europe, our suppliers have a well-deserved reputation for the quality, durability and ergonomic appeal of their products.


Our kitchen systems have been designed with you – the kitchen user – in mind.




We would be pleased to provide you with a no-obligation cost estimate for your new Italian design kitchen cabinet system.

About Us

The owners of European Kitchen Art have extensive experience from Europe in contemporary kitchen design. Our mission is to bring our European experience and high quality design ideas to customers in the Vancouver area.

We specialize in high-end Italian kitchen designs and import directly from European-based suppliers. If it’s a unique look you want for your home, we also provide customized kitchen and interior designs. Our in-house designer is available to discuss ideas for a creative redesign of your kitchen or for any other area of your house. A high-quality 3-D rendering of those ideas gives you something you can see, and provides the starting point for any custom design project.

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The guys at European Kitchen Art did my first kitchen renovation in a Yaletown penthouse in 2008. I was very impressed then with their workmanship, work ethics, and fair pricing. They have since done two other renovation for me and I have been equally satisfied. I will not hesitate to hire them on future projects or refer them to others. Dr D. Huh - Dr D. Huh
"European Kitchen Art redesigned my kitchen and dining area. I am very pleased with the quality of the product and the finished kitchen. The custom cabinets arrived on time and were installed with a perfect fit. There was great attention to detail. The team is knowledgeable, professional, experienced, nice to work with, and, they listened to my ideas! I highly recommend European Kitchen Art and am very happy with my new kitchen! " Debbie Vancouver, BC - Deborah Bennett
I have purchased an Italian kitchen from European Kitchen Art and was well pleased the quality and service provided. The kitchen was custom designed to fit my space, which was not a typical due to various corners and electrical layout. They have provided me with different possible designs which included my requirements on what I wanted to include. They also provided installation, which was quite satisfactory due to time taken and the cleanliness. I was really impressed with the final product and would recommend anyone who seeks to make their kitchen more modern and functional to employ the services of European Kitchen Art - Artem Choumakov

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